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Glued laminated timber houses/ Cross-Laminated Timber houses

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Log houses.By Blockhouse Service

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Types of wooden houses.

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How to choose woden house without making mistakes.

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About the company


"Blockhouse Service" Ltd offers a wide selection of wooden houses from the Karelian pine (Polar pine):

    • log houses, residential houses, cottages;
    • log cabins, saunas, pavilions;
    • campings, sheds, garages, car-ports.

The houses are manufactured in the factory, which is located in the northwest of Russia.
By the processing of our log homes we allow the tradition of the wooden architecture heeding the modern trends in European building culture. Our specialists to increase the quality and reliability of the wooden houses also adopted the experience of the Finnish producers.

As raw material of our logs is accepted only high quality Karelian softwood. The climate conditions in Karelia ensure, that trees enjoy balanced growth and the proportion of porous wood grown during the summer is not too high. All these force the pine to grow slowly with a reduced moisture balance. Seasonally changing climate makes Karelian softwood durable and ideally suited for building log homes.

We design homes that fit the European lifestyle and that fit in splendidly with the rich log home culture found in the Russia. Log homes have stood the test of time and have proven to be a sound investment.
We can build from your drawings. Our designers/draftsmen can provide you with preliminary construction drawings for you to incorporate your own custom design into, and then, after accepted by you, can complete the construction drawings that we create your home. Let us help you make your dreams and plans become reality. Please send us your design; and we will provide an estimate. For the creation of the reliable and good quality house on the factory is set the multistage system of the quality's control, which includes:

    • selection of the high quality raw material on the primary stage;
    • processing of the house's details according to the project's documentation;
    • obligatory measure of the shell's details by the service of the quality's control;
    • preliminary assembly in the factory.

We can offer You the assembly of the houses on Your building place or chef-montage under the direct guidance of our expert. The main aim of our work is the professional approach from the concordance of the project till the erection of the house.
Your house can be delivered by trucks or shipped in accordance to your wishes.