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Glued laminated timber houses/ Cross-Laminated Timber houses

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Types of wooden houses.

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How to choose woden house without making mistakes.

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Glued laminated timber houses/ Cross-Laminated Timber houses

Greet the strongest glued laminated (glulam below) houses

The Material: Glued laminated timber, also called glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product constituted by layers of dimensional lumber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. Glulam houses are antipodes of the frame construction ones. First of all they are extremely strong and heavy due to its timber production process.

Glulam timber production

1)First step of the production is wood sorting here wood is being composed by its type, size, weight and other parameters

2)Second one is drying

3)Third step is planing and billet/ wooden blanks' creation, which includes two phases: ripping out wood defects and planing the wooden blanks into required details

4)Fourth is all about gluing planks together under high pressing

5)Final one is profiling/planing in accordance with the project and packing timber

Here is a shortlist of glulam house's pluses and minuses


+High insulation 

+Giant strength (Glulam provides the strength)

+Cracking is much less

+Bigger cross sections are possible (the laminating process allows the timber to be used for much longer spans)

+Low Shrinkage

+Variety of shapes

+Quickly montage


-High price

-Great weight