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Glued laminated timber houses/ Cross-Laminated Timber houses

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Log houses.By Blockhouse Service

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Types of wooden houses.

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How to choose woden house without making mistakes.

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News_Handmade houses


 We had talked about types of wooden houses, had compared the properties. Now we will talk about each type of the houses. And we are goinig to present the log houses.

The log house draws our attention. It is beautiful, eco-friendly, has the unique charm.

Here are some of it's characteristics

+ Handmade: Do You want a unique house? then buy log house

+ Beauty: a picture is worth a thousand words

+ Eco-friendly: everyone loves nature, rouned houses

+ High insulation: no heat loss or noise

- Price & Time of building: anything made not by mashine is made longer and costs more

- Shrinkage: You won't be able to live here for some time

- Plan: You have to pay the attention on the fact, what the lenght of the logs for building a house

- 6 m.That's why plan your house keeping this in mind.The using of the longer logs is possible but price will rise a lot.