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Glued laminated timber houses/ Cross-Laminated Timber houses

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Log houses.By Blockhouse Service

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Types of wooden houses.

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How to choose woden house without making mistakes.

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Life and living is good in a log house. Wood is genuine, living and renewable. It is nature's own material, which gains its strength from the sun and draws its nourishment from the ground. The Blockhouse makes the log houses out of Polar pine - excellent material for a wooden home. Wood and nature's own colours create an atmosphere, which can only be found in a genuine log house.
Wood is a hygroscopic material. In practice this means, that wood is capable of absorbing heat. Log houses are warm in the winter and cool in the heat of the summer. In the other words, wood insulates and absorbs heat. In addition, wood helps to balance the moisture levels of indoor air. That is the secret behind good and healthy indoor air. Log homes are easy on your lungs and pleasant to live in. No vapour barriers are installed into the wall structures of log house. The walls of a log houses "breathe", keeping indoor air healthy. Optimum air moisture content keeps various bacteria, viruses, and house dust mites at bay, The indoor air quality in a log home makes it an ideal choice especially for families with allergies or lung infections.
You can choice pine or spruce as a raw material for Your house. Pine has traditionally been held as the best material for log building. But it is also possible to build Your wooden house from spruce.
Atmosphere, modernity and traditions are all combined in a log house.
Due to the new ecological lifestyle, wood and logs reclaim their status as home-building material. Log houses "breath", making them a natural way of living. Logs gain constantly more popularity and appreciation as house construction material. Wood is a warm, safe and cosy material. Logs make for a modern and long-lasting home, which sets new standards for the quality and happiness of living. Paying attention to the environment, log houses manage to combine local traditions with excellence in modern living.
Thanks to our flexible production you can design and build your dream house. We are open for all thoughts, ideas and will be glad to make your dreams come true.
Logs are a natural choice for every season and all conditions. They represent a partnership with nature and a global appeal that transcends all boundaries